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Project Awesome: The Final Say

I’m talking about Project Awesome again today, which aims to help teens go from feeling awful to feeling awesome about themselves. This is A WRAP UP after going through the five steps to healthy self esteem. If you want a recap, they’re on this blog or if you'd prefer to watch the videos, then click the video tab or find me on YouTube.

In dealing with improving self esteem we do so in a BALANCED way. Ie we recognise we’re not perfect and have weaknesses, but we establish that some of how we value ourselves is opinion and not fact. The five steps we’ve just gone through show you how to do this.

Working on your self esteem doesn’t mean you’ll never think of yourself in a negative light again. It happens and that’s okay. It just means you don’t do so as often or you are being factual when you berate yourself for something – ie it’s fact that you didn’t bother doing that homework and chose to watch TV instead, whereas it’s opinion that you are too stupid to complete the assignment.

Hopefully you’ll now know how to handle situations where you feel lacking in self esteem in a more positive way now. Practice new ways of thinking and behaving every day, and you will wear down old ways of seeing yourself.

So I thought it’d be fun to share some of the feedback I’ve had from you guys about your Awesomeness journals – and your awesomeness journeys!!!

I particularly liked one suggestion I got; why not find a self esteem accountability partner – an awesomeness partner! That means you team up to remind each other to talk and think positive, to point out what is fact and what is opinion, and to go through the five steps regularly until they’re a part of your head-space. I think this is a great idea and it also makes you accountable – so you don’t stop doing it!

Another of you got a t-shirt printed up saying ‘I heart me’. You can change the slogan, but it’s another great idea.

Cromby41 said whenever they face a situation they’re uncomfortable with, they stop and say “I choose to do this” or ”I choose not to feel like I’m stupid, or ugly or shy.”

Two friends from Newcastle in England say they tell each other one thing they like about the other every morning before school. The important thing I’d add here, is that they should give specific examples of why they like that quality or when it was shown so that it’s personal!

For mega101, she says she used to find it hard to TAKE compliments. She says she’s working on accepting compliments instead of rebuking them or rejecting them and the person saying them. This makes her feel better about herself. So try saying a simple ‘thank you’ when someone compliments you and OWN IT!

Lots of you are using your Awesomeness Journals, which is great. If you don’t know how, just watch the five short videos or read the blogs here.

I’m so glad that so many of you are having positive results and feeling far more awesom than you did a few weeks ago. Keep your feedback and comments coming, and I'm always here for advice and questions. Just comment below.


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