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SETTING: After seeing the text about his mom, DREW charges around Beanies café looking for the culprit. SHAE chases after him

DREW: He heard us ‘planning the future’. He has to be in here somewhere

SHAE: Or she. Whoever it was probably left before sending the text

{DREW bowls through the café door onto a busy pavement}

SHAE: Drew, come back! It could be anyone

DREW: Let me go, Shae

HARPER: Shae? What’s going on? Who’s Drew looking for?

SHAE: Thank god. He got this text from someone, and he thinks they’re nearby

HARPER: He looks half demented. What the hell was in that text?

SHAE: A photo of his mom—alive and well in LA. She died 6 years ago-in Sydney. Please help me get him inside

HARPER: Colt, can you get him to come inside? We’re meant to be celebrating—did DREW—um—maybe I should just shut up

SHAE: Yes, he did pop the question, and then the text came

HARPER: I’m assuming you said yes?

SHAE: Drew, please come with us. We can put our heads together and figure this out

{DREW shakes COLT’s grip from his forearm and punches open the doors to Beanies}

ANTON: Back again? I gave your table away

HARPER: S’okay. I prefer sofas anyway. This way, Drew. You guys want anything?

SHAE: Drew might need black tea for the shock

COLT: Take a load off, buddy. Let’s see the text

Meet Colt Jagger. He's a big player on the international tennis circuit

HARPER: And that’s definitely your mom in the photo?

COLT: It’s just someone having a laugh or something. It’s possible to change these time stamps isn’t it?

DREW: Guess it’s possible

COLT: Or the photo’s doctored. They’ve got programs for this stuff haven’t they? Is there someone out to get at you—that you can think of?

SHAE: He’s Drew Vega. It could be anyone who has a beef with the Vega Corporation. Or anyone who wants money—blackmail or something

HARPER: What do the symbols mean? Maybe that’s a clue

DREW: Or a red herring. Sorry guys. It was just a shock. You never get over your mom dying-and to think for even a moment that she’s alive—

SHAE: We understand, Drew-boy. I don’t know what I’d think if someone suddenly said my dad was alive

DREW: It’s obviously a hoax. I don’t know how they did it, but whatever. Let’s get out of here. Need to go celebrate

HARPER: So you DID say yes, Shae. Can I be a bridesmaid? Can we NOT wear yellow?

ANTON: Where do you think you’re going? I just brought your order

DREW: We got some celebrating to do, mate. Keep the change

ANTON: And I got real work to do for real customers. Go where the pepper grows

HARPER whispers: What’s that supposed to mean?

COLT: Probably best not to ask

SETTING: DREW’s house in Malibu, California

HARPER: This view always takes my breath away

DREW: It’s for Shae. The ocean calms her. I still feel like an Aussie hick over here though, living amongst all these famous people

SHAE: You have a view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge at your place in Sydney—you’re no hick

DREW: Well—out of my depth then

COLT: I’m with you there, man. LA is on a different scale to anywhere else in the world-not just Australia. I lived in Florida too. Beer?

DREW: I’ve got champagne in the fridge. Shae check your phone. Your brother’s trying to reach you

SHAE: It ran out of batteries. I just plugged it in. Oh my god. It’s Uncle Brody.

DREW: What now?

SHAE: Remember he had that accident at the boat yard? Finn says he’s not in a good way—says I need to come to Sydney. Straight. Away.

HARPER: Holy crap. Don’t cry hon, it’ll be okay

Meet Harper Hunter. Also a big player on the world's tennis circuit

Tears jump into SHAE’s eyes: Does that mean he’s dying?

COLT: Harper and I have a tennis tournament in Sydney. We fly out tomorrow. We can all go together. I’ll check for flights

HARPER: Come on, we’re here to celebrate, yeah? I’m sure he’ll be fine and dressed in a tux for the wedding, and making funny speeches—

COLT: You’ve gotta be brave round here to read your texts today

DREW: Yeah, the next time a text comes in, don’t read it. Not today

HARPER: Um Drew. This champagne—there’s a weird note tied around it

NOTE: Authentic champagne. Just like your mommy likes. Perhaps she can be your best man カルマ

{DREW’s phone pings}


Feel free to comment, discuss and suggest where you reckon the story will go/should go. Maybe I'll write your idea into the plot.

The next episode of Payback will be published on Thursday at 6pm EST.

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