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My Favorite movie: Forrest Gump. 

My Favorite food: brocolli. Kidding. Sushi beats everything

After many years of writing stories and adult fiction, I was intrigued by the rush of novels launching into the young adult marketplace. I have now read over 300 of these novels and the more I read the more I know this is my genre. One particular book made up my mind for me. I knew that had I read this particular book as a fifteen or sixteen year old, it would have helped the situation I was going through. It would've been a helping hand, a comfort, a source of ideas, something to relate to, a place to go and know I wasn't alone--and so much more I can't explain here. I hope my novels work on those many levels, too.

I've been an English Literature Honours student, an advertising rep, a Media Sales Manager and a CEO of an internet company, but I plan to write inspiring, engaging novels until the day I can no longer type--or no-one takes me seriously (whichever comes later). 

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At five years old I declared I would be an author. At twenty I searched for a journalism job. At thirty I was appointed to be a media CEO—the novels took a back seat. Now I’m a full time writer going after that early goal.  



Young adult author Taryn Bashford
Young Adult author Taryn Bashford

I live with my family which includes teen children, a highly strung dog, and characters from my books insisting they help make dinner. This can be disconcerting as Jacob is always sticking his fingers in the cheese sauce, Harper can’t cook and Astrid, always adds too much pepper.

Author Taryn Bashford dog, aka Boomer

The Harper Effect was the winner of the Varuna House/Pan Macmillan Publisher Introduction Program 2016 and was a finalist in Pitch Wars 2015.

In addition to writing novels, I'm now completing my PhD in Creative writing while tutoring university undergraduates in Creative Writing

For more on how life lead me to become a writer, click on my timeline. 


Fun Fact: the first draft of The Harper Effect was originally written 30 years ago and was called Proud Now Ma?

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I'm also the creator of Jeans Teen Army, a campaign to address the seemingly universal feeling teens have about themselves -- that they're not good enough. Project Awesome videos can be viewed here--click on the ball

This page wouldn't be complete without mentioning the family dog, Jack, aka Boomer in Sassy Jam (yet to be published.)


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