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The Tide Series by T.M. Bashford
The Heartless Tide by T.M. Bashford


The Tide Series - Book 1

Could you forgive the one you love of anything…
…even murder?

Behind the iron gates of their Malibu mansion hides the truth about Shae Love’s boyfriend. After the relationship ends in violence, Shae flees on her family’s yacht.

Drew Vega is running from something too…when he meets Shae on a Samoan island, both conceal their destructive secrets but can’t resist falling for each other.

But there’s a bigger problem lurking…

His name is Brett Abspoel and he’s Drew’s lifelong friend. 

Not even Drew knows how much Brett’s chilling past has broken him…and how it’s led to Brett’s current obsession—Shae.

As their three lives collide, they fight to survive the wreckage of love—and hate.

This romantic suspense novel with a love-triangle twist will keep you turning pages late into the night.

“It’s been a long while since I was up all hours of the night with my nose stuck in a book, unable to put it down… very visual and colourful … with a magnetic twist"  ~ Sandra Severgnini, early reader

"It’s so refreshing to read about a strong, yet realistic and complex female character."  ~ Amazon Reviewer


The Tide Series - Book 2

Be careful what you run from… you never know what might catch you instead.

Shae Love knows one thing…

...she can only be happy when she’s at sea, flying below the radar.

But Drew Vega, the boy she fell for in Samoa, turns out to be a stranger. Gone are their dreams of sailing the world together, with nothing but the ocean to answer to. Drew’s days are now filled with business meetings instead of sketching landscapes, red carpet premieres instead of beaches, tailored Armani suits instead of swimming trunks. And the media trail him wherever he goes.

That’s not the only thing testing their love…

Brett Abspoel, Drew’s lifelong friend, is quietly plotting in the background. Shae is the cure that will wipe away his taboo past, and he’s determined to have her… whatever the cost.

When Shae runs from her new life with Drew, she has no idea what’s about to catch her.

The Forbidden Tide by T.M. Bashford

“…such a wild ride that drags you in like the tide, you just want to never get off. It is a story unlike anything that I have read before”  ~ Makala Williams, Yours Truly Book Services

“Through tremendous events, literal storms and emotional tempests, and even that sensation of impossible-but-maybe, the author keeps the storyline pumping pure adrenaline throughout.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

The Chilling Tide by T.M. Bashford


The Tide Series - Book 3

Brett doesn’t believe in love triangles . . . someone must go.

When Drew is manipulated into believing Shae has fallen for his lifelong friend Brett, Drew decides that letting her go is the ultimate act of love.

For Shae, his rejection only pushes her closer to Brett.

Unhappy and living on separate continents, Shae’s decision to cross the Atlantic in a sailing contest ends in disaster. She has no choice but to accept Drew’s offer of a home and medical specialists, but she’s determined to never let him into her heart again.

In his final, desperate attempt to have Shae for himself, Brett crosses boundaries of friendship and love, and concludes that the only way to destroy a love triangle is to decide who will live and who will die . . . Drew’s the obvious choice, but if Brett can’t have Shae, then no one can.

"This was amazing!!! There were tears, fears, laughter, secrets, action and tragedies."  ~ Goodreads Reviewer

"What a story! This book gave us all what we were waiting for which was a great ending and really the only ending we could have for such an intense and wonderful story."~ BookSprout Review

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