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Above: The book trailer for The Harper Effect
Below: Talking about being a writer, Project Awesome, the self-esteem of her characters, and more . . . 
Source: Centre for Clinical Interventions
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In The Harper Effect, Harper doesn't think she has what it takes to be the best on the pro circuit and Jacob doubts his musical talent. If you look at other young adult novels, it's the same story. That's because it's a reflection of real life. Teens feel they're not good enough and on the blog, we share why this might be and what we can do about it.

Project Awesome was born out of the realisation that pretty much all young adult novels include main characters who, in some way, believe they're not good enough. People young and old must learn to find their 'fit' in life--no matter your age, race or shape, there's always a style of jeans out there to fit you. When we find our fit in life, we are more confident in ourselves.