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BOOKS CHANGE LIVES ROAD TRIP & BOOK DRIVE As an author and booklover, I worry about the future of our libraries. So this month I'll be doing the BOOKS CHANGE LIVES ROAD TRIP & BOOK DRIVE in association with EVERY LIBRARY to raise funds for and to collect book donations so they can get books into the hands of those who need them. So I'll literally be driving the books across the USA from LA to NOLA. Watch this space for more but here's the road trip link you can follow me on: TRACK MY TOUR

I'm going to organise doing a similar thing in Australia too! If you're on the route, I'll be doing book signings and collecting new and gently used book donations in person. There'll be swag bags for the first person to greet me. If you're not on the route you can track me, enter book giveaways, and see how I go driving from LA to the ALA (American Library Association in New Orleans), with a car full of books and a giant kangaroo called Stax - named after my huge TBR book stack. So my stops include LA, Las Vegas, Flagstaff, Albuquerque, Lubbock, Austin, Dallas, Shreveport and New Orleans. The photo here gives you all the details of venues and times, or you can check out my website.

If you have any young people in the house, then they can go to ReadForLibraries to actually raise money for every minute that they read a book in July. They get their own website to keep tabs too. It's very cool. It's free to sign up! Any questions for me about my book, the writing process, getting published? Feel free to ask on any of my social media channels, or my website.

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