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Time for Run?

So what's it like being an author while also being the mum of two teens?

I'm wondering if that's why I train for triathlons - a good excuse to get out of the house.I mean, here's an example: that moment your book arrives in the post, and you're opening up the box and you're soooo excited because this is a dream come true and inside that box is ANOTHER baby, and your family are surrounding you and it's just so mindblowingly exciting and you absolutely have to pinch yourself because surely this is not actually happening. But you pinch yourself and know it IS real, and there's a camera in your face, and you pick up your new book baby and hug it and wait for the praise and excitement to come bubbling out of your teens.

Except. By the looks on their faces. Are they jealous of the new baby?

Mr. 13: "I preferred the other book cover." Miss 16: "Are we in the acknowledgements?" (Picking up a book and scrambling to the back pages). "The acknowledgements really should be in the front of the book." Mr 13. "Yeah, because without us, you couldn't have written the book."

Um. Yeah. Isn't it time for a run?

But while I'm out - I hope you enjoy my new baby photo 🙂

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