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The Final Edit

So I've been sharing with you what happens AFTER you sign the book contract and thought it was time for another post. My last post in October talked about getting your author platform ready well in advance of even submitting your novel to publishers.

This month it's all about the final stages of editing with Pan Macmillan. Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs) have already been sent out for early reviewers and something I didn't know - they used a different cover. This could be to 'hide' the cover before the reveal.

In the meantime, final editing is still going on. It's a case of ensuring the words lie 'prettily' on the page, so you don't have the same word stacked on top of each other 'by accident'. It's about tiny mistakes like a repetition that's spotted, a comma, a 'new line' needed. It's about fonts and chapter headings that match and adding in the dedication and author bio. I received a copy of final pages to proof overnight - so that was a long night!

Now I'm told the book is finally ready and going to print TODAY! What a great feeling. I'm going to celebrate.

I'm about to get my edit letter from the editor in the USA though, as this same book is being published there in May 2018 but will have some edits and changes asked of the US audience. So just when I thought I'd finished reading The Harper Effect, I'll be doing it several more times with the US editor. And my second book, also contracted, must be submitted by January - the same month as the first book is launched. So there's no down time. There's also marketing to work on, the cover reveal, the's safe to say that my work day starts at 5am and ends at 11pm.

It's exciting though. And worth it! When you're doing something you love and that you're passionate about, it isn't work :) However, HATS OFF to all of those authors who also work a full-time job. How? How?

If you haven ANY questions for me about getting published or writing or the publishing process, please don't hesitate to ask.

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