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Acknowledging Others

So I've finally had the request for my acknowledgments page for THE HARPER EFFECT. I kept putting it off, knowing the request was coming, and now I know why! WHAT IF I FORGET SOMEONE?

I'm having sleepless nights, waking up and remembering another name to add. It's not that these 'forgotten' people are unimportant, it's just that with a first novel, the people who helped make it happen can stretch back for years, not just months. And some people helped in seemingly minor but very important ways - like the fellow Varuna House resident who advised I buy a 'WRITER' mug so that I could see myself as a real writer.

On top of that, the acknowledgments are written in my own voice - no character to hide behind. It feels a bit soul-bearing. But at the same time, I'm pinching myself that I'm lucky enough to be writing them.

Just another rollercoaster ride on the path to publication - still learning, even months after the publication contract is signed.

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