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Reading Emails Doesn't Count As Quality Reading Time

I tend to avoid emails because they distract me from my writing, but today I received a pleasant email in my inbox:

Hey, you’re a Goodreads Author now!

Your application has been approved, and you now have access to your author dashboard, which provides you with all the tools you need to manage your presence on Goodreads.

To get started, visit your author dashboard, or choose from the following topics:

Fix your Book Listings

Get the right books showing on your author profile with the right covers

Promote Your Books

Find new readers with giveaways and advertising

Interact with Readers

Learn how to communicate with your readers and avoid common mistakes

For more great tips and super quick answers to your questions, join our author feedback group, exclusively for Goodreads Authors.

My debut novel THE HARPER EFFECT, is not due to be published until December 2017 but this is where a new chapter in my life as a writer begins...and I'm very excited to be writing answers to reader questions and writing speeches for school visits alongside the next draft of my next novel. It's really happening. Pinch! Pinch!

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