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SETTING: SHAE sits at the bow of DREW’s yacht having just returned from an early morning sail around Sydney Harbor.

DREW: I thought you’d be here.

SHAE scans the horizon: “…”

DREW: I’m sorry I upset you. I thought it was the only solution.

SHAE: But you didn’t ask me. You just decided.

DREW: I’m sorry. Okay to come aboard?

SHAE: She’s your boat.

{DREW hooks SHAE’s hair behind her ear}

SHAE: Is Finn awake?

DREW: Nope. I came to tell you something.

SHAE snorts: More bad news?

DREW: I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad. I’ve had another load of texts—from Symbol, as I’m going to call him.

SHAE: What do they say?

DREW: It’s more what they show. Have a look.

SHAE: Oh my god, there are about 50 photos. Are they all of your mom?

DREW: Yes. And she looks older—like she might look now if she were alive. Her hair is shorter. And she’s with a kid who’s about 5 or 6.

SHAE: But your mom died 6 years ago.

DREW: Or did she? Can someone doctor this many photos? Why bother? And look at the final text.

TEXT: Mother is Mrs Vega. Son is Drew. Daughter is Kate. But who’s the father? カルマ

SHAE: Oh my god. Your mom’s alive and has a daughter?

DREW: Exactly. Jamison still insists it’s a hoax. And he’s usually right about everything.

SHAE: What are you going to do then?

DREW: I don’t think the Brody note and these texts are linked. Someone didn’t want Brody and Finn building that boat.

SHAE: Enough to kill them over it?

DREW: The Arabian Challenge is new, lots at stake, pros and amateurs, and a $1.5 mill prize. That’s the kind of money someone might kill for.

SHAE: Whoa. We need to get Finn out of here.

DREW: Yup. I reckon we all head to LA asap.

SHAE: So we’re not splitting up anymore—very publicly and very noisily?

DREW: Come here. I didn’t want to split up.

SHAE: I know. But it still hurt.

DREW: If the Symbol jerk and Finn’s letter writer are NOT connected, the only place I need to be is in LA—looking for my mom.

SHAE: What if she is alive?

DREW: I’ll feel like crap actually. I should be happy, right? But it means she left me and dad.

SHAE: How did she not die in that car accident?

DREW: That’s what I want to know. And it means she chose her new child over me. Was I not good enough for her?

SHAE: Oh Drew. That won’t be the reason. You’re amazing. Irreplaceable.

DREW: I think you might be biased.

SHAE: Kiss me and I’ll show you how biased I am…

DREW cups SHAE’s chin and kisses her: …You’re definitely good at distraction. Let’s go sailing. I can’t stand to think about this anymore.

SHAE: Only if I can be the Captain.

DREW: I wouldn’t dare try to stand in those shoes with you aboard.

SHAE: Are you sure you want to go out? You don’t look so good.

DREW: I’ve got that falling down the stairs, head over heels, feeling. Please Shae, just sail me into the sun and far away from the real world.

SHAE: That’s Captain Shae to you.


SETTING: FINN and SHAE are back at Drew’s house, in the kitchen. JAMISON fixes food no one will eat because everyone is upset.

FINN: There’s no way I’m leaving. I’ll talk to the investor. He’ll move the boat if I threaten to walk. Brody’s design belongs to me now.

SHAE: Forget the design. Forget the bloody boat. Your life is in danger.

FINN: If you believe that note.

SHAE: The police are certainly taking it seriously. I am. Everybody but you is. You could be in a coffin next, Finn.

FINN: I promised Brodes. I promised to make his designs come alive and to build this boat for him.

SHAE: You can do it another time.

FINN: Sure. An investor with this boat comes around every second week. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

SHAE: To get killed. Yeah.

FINN: I’ll be careful. We’ll move somewhere secret. It’ll be okay.

SHAE: Please Finn. Come to LA. You can stay with us, surf every day—meet hot chicks on the beach, find work. They have boats in LA too.

FINN: This is my dream. You’ve no idea what we’re building here. I have to do it. It’s not just that I want to.

SHAE: But you could die for it.

FINN: It’ll be a living death to give up now.

SHAE: It’ll be a permanent death if you don’t give up now. Drew, help me out here.

DREW: Not my place. But remember your dream of crossing the Pacific, Shae? Wasn’t exactly a safe choice.

JAMISON: Seems some of my wisdom is rubbing off on you Mr Vega. It’s the choices we make in life that prove who we are.

DREW’s phone pings.

TEXT: You better not read the next text.

DREW: What the—? Is this another one?

DREW’s phone pings again and everyone crowds around him.

TEXT: Told you カルマ {Photo of gravestone}

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