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SETTING: A hospital in Sydney where SHAE and DREW wait for SHAE’s brother FINN, and for news of Uncle Brody.

SHAE: Thanks for coming with me Drew. I know you have a lot on-and then with this text stalker thing . . .

DREW: Wasn’t going to let you face this alone, was I? To be honest it’s good to get away from LA

SHAE: Did anything else happen?

DREW: You mean apart from the teddy bear delivery from ‘Mom’? I think that was enough

SHAE: Sorry. I didn’t—

DREW: No I’m sorry. I’m just edgy. I can’t figure it out. Who would do this? And why? What’s in it for them, other than to piss me off?

FINN: Shae! Drew. You made it

{SHAE rushes into her brother’s hug}

SHAE: Looking a bit surfer-dude there, Bro. Where are your shoes? Know about a thing called a comb?

FINN: Teasing is my job, not yours. And hands off the hair

SHAE: What’s the update on Uncle Brody?

FINN: It’s not good. His brain is swollen from the head injury and he’s in a coma

SHAE: He’s in a coma? I knew it was bad, but—that bad . . .

DREW: How did the accident happen?

FINN: You know how we’ve been working in this new dock in Sydney?

SHAE: Yeah. To modify that yacht for the new Arabian Challenge race

FINN: It’s been manic. Place is crazy busy, boats coming in and out. It’s like the Suez Canal in there. Reckon health and safety’s blown

SHAE: Uncle Brody said he wasn’t happy. He said he’d rather build it up in Townsville. So what happened?

FINN: Brody was minding his business when a mobile crane turned over, right when it was lifting a boat into its cradle. Happened so fast—

DREW: Hang in there, mate. Brody’s a fighter

FINN croaks: Have you been in to see him yet?

SHAE: We were waiting for you

FINN blinks away tears: Better prepare yourself then. There’s like tubes everywhere, helping him breathe, giving him medication, monitoring…

SHAE: It’s okay, Finn. We’re here now

FINN mumbles: And he’s bandaged up all over—I’m not sure it’s even him in there

SHAE: Shhh, shhh

FINN: He’s all I’ve got left Shae. He’s like a father to me—more…

SHAE: I know. I know. He’ll be okay, yeah? Let’s go see him together. You know how he loves a family pow-wow. Maybe he’ll wake up

{SHAE urges FINN down the corridor. DREW opens the door to Brody’s room, squeezing SHAE’s arm as she passes}

FINN uses the crook of his elbow to wipe the tears: Afternoon Brodes. Howzit hanging? Look who’s come to see you

SHAE: Uncle Brody. Can you feel my hand? Now what on earth have you been up to this time, eh?

FINN: Never known you so speechless, Brodes. I mean, I never usually get a word in edgewise

SHAE: Yeah. You haven’t even told Finn off for not wearing any shoes into a hospital

FINN: And we gotta sail that grand boat together, like we said. She’s waiting for you to take the helm. You know—if I let you and all

SHAE: Yeah, he can’t do it on his own. He’ll probably navigate himself to Mars somehow

{3am: FINN, SHAE and DREW sleep in plastic chairs in the waiting room of the hospital. The only sound is the humming of the overhead lights}

DOCTOR: Mr Love. Ms Love. I’m sorry to wake you…

SHAE’s voice fractures: That’s okay, Doctor. Is Uncle Brody awake?

FINN jumps to his feet: What’s happened?

DOCTOR: I’m afraid it’s not good news. Your uncle passed away thirty minutes ago

FINN: No, no, no, no, no, no….

DOCTOR: There was just too much swelling and compression of the brain…

FINN: No, no, no. Where is he? I have to see him

SHAE: Wait Finn. Drew, I have to go after him

DREW: Go. I’ll talk to the doctor

{FINN rests across Brody’s chest. SHAE folds herself around FINN, weeping too. DREW waits in the doorway holding an envelope}

SHAE: Oh Finny. I know

FINN: He can’t leave me. We had so many plans…

SHAE: He taught me how to sail-we’ll never forget him

FINN: He believed in me. No matter what. Made me feel like I could do anything. I knew nothing when I left LA. I owe him. He can’t be gone

SHAE: At least you have that. He taught you so much and now you can use everything you know and keep building boats-for him

FINN: Every boat I ever build will be for him. Every. Single. One.

SHAE: And whenever I sail, I’ll look up at the sky and know he’s watching and wishing he could come too

FINN: And I’m going to finish that Arabian Challenge boat for him

SHAE: Of course you will, Finny

FINN: I know I’ll need help, but I understand all the designs-he was a genius. The stuff he came up with - this boat is going to win

SHAE: It’s going to be okay…

FINN shoves his face in the crook of his elbow, crying

SHAE: …l’ll leave you alone. We’ll be just outside

FINN hiccups: “ . . . "

DREW: You okay Shae? I can’t believe it

SHAE: I’m numb. I think I just had to put the shock and everything I felt aside, so I could look after Finn

DREW: You’ve always been more of a big sister even though he’s older than you

SHAE: Not by much. It’ll hit me like a truck any minute, I guess. What’s with the envelope?

DREW: The reception lady just gave it to me. Said it was urgent. It’s addressed to Finn

SHAE: Jeez, they’re a bit quick on the invoices, aren’t they? What’s their problem? Finn can’t deal with this now—Uncle Brody’s barely cold—

DREW: What is it? … Shae tell me now

SHAE: …It’s not an invoice—look

NOTE: It wasn’t an accident. Stay away

Drew Vega

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