Colt in the Payback series

SETTING: COLT is driving SHAE home from the Bi-Polar Disorder Residential Treatment Centre.

SHAE: I can’t believe this is happening. It’s official. My mom has bi-polar.

HARPER: And she’s in the best place, Shae. This is good, because she’s being looked after properly, now they know what’s really up with her.

SHAE: I guess.

COLT: You’ve done the right thing. Don’t beat yourself up about this.

HARPER: D’you wanna come stay with us?

SHAE: No I’m good. Thanks though. I need some time—to think.

{SHAE’s phone pings. Then pings again}

HARPER/COLT: Don’t read that text.

SHAE: Huh?

HARPER: In joke…after that day of weird texts and stuff. Sorry…

SHAE mumbles: Actually. I wish I had listened to you.

HARPER: What is it?

SHAE: A load of photos of Drew and Sienna. Looking cosy.

TEXT: Let every eye negotiate for itself. By Will Shakespeare and カルマ


HARPER: This Symbol guy has your number too? It’s just a trick, Shae. Drew would never…

SHAE: I know. I know. Not easy to see them though. He’s having dinner with Sienna and I’m—what a day.

COLT pulls up at SHAE’s house: Let me see the photos.

SHAE: Sienna’s always invading Drew’s space. I’m not happy about it, but I know it’s not Drew egging her on. I can see it’s all her.

HARPER: Yeah. He’s all awkward and stiff in these photos. It’s just her—bitch face.

SHAE: What if she gets his claws into him though? I mean, I’m here and he’s there with her—

COLT: They were held captive on a boat together for weeks with that Michael guy, and Drew made it clear he wasn’t interested then.

HARPER: So you boys have discussed her?

COLT: Not in a detailed way. Just came up once. Reckon he’s a one-woman kinda guy anyway.

HARPER shoves COLT: Like you Colt?

COLT grins and takes HARPER’S hand: Yup. Like me.

SHAE: Well thanks guys, for the lift. Glad I didn’t have to do that alone.


{SHAE’s phone rings}

SHAE: It’s Drew. I’ll see you tomorrow.

DREW: Shae. How did it go today? You okay?

SHAE: Yep. It was fine. Colt and Harper were with me.

DREW: Were?

SHAE: They’ve got training with Milo.

DREW: You don’t sound so good.

SHAE: I’m fine. Just—it’s hard.

DREW: I bet if I were there you’d be curling your toes into the grass or the carpet or wherever you are, and hiding behind your hair.

SHAE snaps: Well I’m not.

DREW: Hey. Hey. Don’t bite my head off. This is hard enough without us fighting over nothing.

FINN and other voices in the background: Heeeellooooo Shae.

SHAE: Who’s there? Where are you?

DREW: Finn and I went for dinner with Sienna and Colbie—again. Remember I told you? They’ve come back for nightcaps—you know what Finn’s like.

SHAE: Sorry if I forgot. I’ve got a bit more on my mind than your schedule.

DREW: “ . . . “

SHAE: I’ve got to go. I’ll call tomorrow—your time.

DREW: Shae?

SHAE: Not now. I just need to be by myself.

{After she hangs up, SHAE has a shower and sits under the stream of water crying. She doesn’t hear her phone ringing and ringing for a while}

Drew in Payback

DREW: Thank god. I’ve been trying to reach you.

SHAE: I was in the shower.

DREW: For forty minutes?

SHAE: Probably. I told you I need to—

DREW: Symbol sent you some photos, right? I’ve just seen his text. A screenshot. You have to believe—

SHAE: I know you’re not cheating with Sienna. It’s not easy to see though—to know she’s with you when I know she has this big thing for you.

DREW: I’ve never once given her any reason to think I’m interested. And I never will. Remember at The Trench in Samoa? She’s not you, Shae.

SHAE: It’s just this distance between us. You’re there and I’m here—

DREW: I know it’s tough. For me, too.

SHAE: I’m just feeling sorry for myself today. Don’t worry.

DREW: And Finn’s been no support to you. He’s still mad at your mom for letting your dad beat her up. I’ve tried to talk to him.

SHAE: He needs to grow up. Nothing is ever black and white. Mom needs us more than ever now.

DREW: This is not the best timing. But I can’t leave telling you till tomorrow. But please believe I’m only doing this to protect you.

SHAE: Doing what?

DREW: I’ve cancelled my flight to LA. If I come there, Symbol could follow.

{There’s a very long silence and Shae can hear Drew is pacing again}

DREW: He’s just tried to kill your brother because I went to the cops. I can’t risk that.

SHAE: “…”

DREW: Shae? I’m sorry. I know you need me there. But I have to keep you safe.