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SETTING: The deck at DREW’s house, overlooking the harbor in Sydney.

FINN: It’s all confirmed. George arrives in a week. Thanks for sorting all that. I owe you, mate.

DREW: It was nothing. Sorry I’ve been so busy—whenever I’m in Sydney, William seems to schedule every minute of my day.

FINN: Who’s William. Aren’t you the boss? Why can’t you say no?

DREW: It’s not that simple. I’m barely twenty and William’s been doing his job since before I was born, so I’m learning from him.

FINN: Do you enjoy it—the business world?

DREW: More than I thought—I’d rather be drawing or working on my graphic design. But I promised my dad before he died…I owe him.

FINN: So you know how I feel about my promise to Brodes then…

DREW: It’s the only reason I’m supporting you on this. It’s a dangerous decision.

JAMISON: Sir. May I bring you some tea or coffee? Seems we’ve run out of beer.

FINN chuckles: Sorry Jamie. On a bit of a mission tonight.

DREW: We can get it, Jamison. You go to bed. It’s got to be after midnight.

JAMISON: Indeed it is, Sir. But you know my policy…

DREW: Okay. Okay. Finn—we gotta hit the sack. Jamison won’t until we do.

JAMISON: Are you settling in comfortably, Mr Love? You have everything you need?

FINN: Pretty much. Only one thing missing—a hot girl. Can you sort that Jamie?

JAMISON: Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you, Mr Love.

FINN: I’m not after love, Jamie. I am, after all, Mister Love.

{DREW’S phone rings}

SHAE: You’re awake.

DREW: Only just. Your brother and I are about to hit the sack. You don’t sound good. Everything okay?

SHAE: It’s mom. She slashed her wrists.

DREW: Jeez Shae. Is she okay? Where are you now?

SHAE: At the hospital. She’s stable. It was horrible though. I got home and she was gone and there was blood everywhere. I thought Symbol—

DREW: I don’t know what to say. What can I do?

SHAE: You can’t always fix everything. Unless you know how to take the depression out of my mom’s body?

DREW swops the phone into his other hand: “…”

SHAE: Sorry. I’m still in shock. At least she changed her mind.

DREW: What do you mean?

SHAE: She said she saw how much blood there was and panicked and went next door for help.

FINN: Everything okay?

DREW: It’s your mom. She’s in the hospital, but she’s okay.

FINN: Jeez. What’s she done now?

DREW: It’s cool, Finn. You go to bed, mate. We’ll talk in the morning.

FINN: You sure? I’m pretty whacked—she is okay?

DREW nods and gives FINN a thumbs-up.

DREW: I hate this Shae. I don’t even know if I’m doing the right thing. If I come to LA I might be putting you in danger—

SHAE: I’m fine. Really.

DREW: And I’m worried about leaving Finn—but if I stay away— You’re all alone coping with this stuff. And then there’s work…

SHAE: I can hear you pacing. You never used to be such a stress head.

DREW: When we met the most I had to worry about was helping stray dogs and stray girls.

SHAE: You mean runaway girls.

DREW: Talking of stray girls. You’ll never guess who turned up in Sydney?

SHAE: George?

DREW: Ha ha. Not yet. Sienna. She’s giving England a wide berth after a painful break up, apparently. But don’t go thinking bad thoughts.

SHAE: She’s like a stray puppy. Always seems to find a way back to you, doesn’t she?

DREW: I’ve never given her any reason to think we’re any more than friends—not in Samoa, not when we were on Michael’s boat…

SHAE: Don’t remind me of Michael. Thank god he’s safely locked up.

DREW: That nightmare is over. Finn says Michael’s boat was stripped of parts to pay for his trial.

SHAE: So there’s nothing left of him.

DREW: Or his boat.

SHAE: So is Sienna staying with you?

DREW: ‘Course not. I’m not completely unaware of her crush. I’m not going to make it worse. She’s just hanging in Sydney—for a while.

SHAE: How does Finn feel about that?

DREW: I daren’t ask. She may not be girlfriend material for him, but he’s had a lean streak…

SHAE: Eew. Don’t. Too much information.

DREW laughs: He even commissioned Jamison to supply him with a girl.

SHAE: Jamison? I can just imagine his look of disapproval. Finn better behave himself or he’ll get turfed out of there.

DREW: I miss you.

SHAE: Don’t. You’ll make me cry. And I have to go. Mom’s psychiatrist has just arrived. He wants me to commit her—against her will.

DREW: He’s probably right though. It’s for her own safety. You can’t be there for her 24/7. And you know I’ll cover the costs…

SHAE: DREW, stop it.

DREW: Don’t get mad at me. How else will she pay? Just accept my help okay? Helping you is the only good thing about being a Vega.

SHAE: I gotta go. Sorry. I love you.

{After SHAE hangs up, DREW goes upstairs to his bedroom and sits on his balcony drawing another picture of SHAE.}

[When his phone pings, he hesitates before reading the text]

TEXT: Dinner. Friday with me and Colbie? I need cheering up. Bring Finn. Sienna.

DREW says aloud: Finn will be thrilled. Two ex-girlfriends in one night. Both newly single.

ANOTHER TEXT: It’ll be a reunion of Michael’s four kidnapping victims. Sienna xxx

DREW texts back: Is that something we want to remember? Will check with Finn and txt tom.

A THIRD TEXT: Tiger father begets tiger son. But is he brave enough to save his Mom? カルマ

DREW hears his heartbeat throbbing in his ears. Then there’s the sound of crashing & splintering glass below. DREW races downstairs.

JAMISON: I’m okay, Sir. Are you?

{JAMISON presses a button on a device in his hand, setting off the alarms}

DREW: What happened? Something came through the window?

JAMISON: Seems someone got past the guard, which is of concern.

{JAMISON bends to pick something up.}

DREW: A bowling ball?

JAMISON: With a rather badly drawn face on it, crossed out in red paint. Is that supposed to be you? And that symbol from the texts.

DREW reads the text from Symbol again: Brave enough? I accept the challenge Symbol.

JAMISON: Where the hell is security?


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