May 22, 2016






SETTING: The White Room in DREW’s home in Sydney. Jamison and DREW are both pacing around the room.


JAMISON: The police say it has to be an insider job. They’ll find him, Mr Vega. Don’t worry. You must show them the latest texts though.


DREW: I guess they can’t trace the sender if the number is blocked, but maybe they can look into where my mom is or—


JAMISON: Your mom has been laid to rest, son. It’s unlikely they’ll launch a man hunt for a person who is no longer on this earth.


DREW: What if it’s not a hoax? What if she staged her death?


JAMISON: I cannot see how that is possible. I know it’s painful to revisit these memories. But don’t let this Symbol hoax give you false hope.


DREW: I have to try to find the woman in the pictures then. For my own peace of mind. And I have to go to LA to do that.


JAMISON: What about a private detective?


DREW: I’ve already got someone. But I feel like I need to be doing more…


{The ping of a new text on DREW’s phone which is on the table next to them makes Jamison and DREW stare at the screen}


TEXT: Squealing to the pigs ends here. Or someone you know ends here. カルマ


DREW TURNS AWAY: It’s nothing, Jamison. Just a friend.


JAMISON: It’s better you stay in Sydney. This house is more secure, your father put systems in place to protect you and this household.


DREW: And if I go to LA, Symbol follows me—and that puts Shae in danger.


JAMISON: You believe he’ll follow you there? I doubt he has the means to—


DREW: This started in LA. Well I think it did. That’s when I got the first text. When I was proposing to Shae—stop planning my future?


JAMISON: So you’d definitely be safer here. And Miss Love would be safer too.


{DREW stares out the window and yanks open a sliding door for some fresh air.}


JAMISON: Plus there’s the shareholder meeting next week; your presence is non-negotiable on Monday.


DREW: I’ve got till then to decide.


{Friday night and DREW arrives late for the dinner with SIENNA, COLBIE and FINN}



SIENNA STANDS TO HUG DREW: Finn told us about the break in—terrifying. I’m so sorry—


FINN: Hands off that guy, Sienna. That’s my sister’s fiancé.


SIENNA: Sorry I—god don’t embarrass me—I was just being supportive.


COLBIE: Like Drew can’t be touched now?


SIENNA: Perhaps we should just shake hands from now on.


DREW: It’s fine, Sienna. Good to see you. Hey Colbie.


COLBIE waves: Hey.


FINN: What kept you anyway?


DREW: Work. But Finn, you can’t be spilling on that break in. The cops don’t want the media to find out. Please don’t anyone mention it.


SIENNA: Of course we wouldn’t, darling. Now have a drink and chill.



COLBIE: I just ordered a bottle of bubbly. I’m not sure the four of us have been together since the trial—sorry, should I not have brought that up?


FINN: Michael’s a crazy bastard, but he’s behind bars and without him—we’d never have met. I choose to thank him for that.


SIENNA: Yes. I refuse to let him affect my future. He has no power over me anymore. He’s in the past.


DREW whispers to FINN: Just showed the police all the texts. Everything needs to stay hush hush.


DREW turns to the girls: You’ve dyed your hair, Sienna—looks very cool.


COLBIE: Yeah pretty drastic. Most people dye their hair blonde, not the other way around.


SIENNA leans in toward DREW, giggles: Most gentlemen prefer blondes, but not you.


{Saturday morning and DREW is doing paperwork in his dad’s office—it will always be his dad’s office}


JAMISON: Sorry to interrupt, Mr Vega—


 DREW: The other night it was “son”. Thought we had a break through.


JAMISON: I believe you mean a break in? A momentary slip up—given the circumstances, Sir.


DREW sighs: I should just give up, shouldn’t I?


JAMISON. Indeed, Sir. Unfortunately I have bad news. Mr Love is in the hospital. It seems he was knocked off his bike—and his leg is broken.


{DREW is at the hospital waiting for FINN to be released}


DREW: (on the phone to JAMISON): Yes, he’s going to be fine.


JAMISON: Was it a hit and run?


DREW: Looks like it. But only a broken leg, which given the car hit him so hard—he landed about five meters from his bike—he’s lucky.


JAMISON: Do the police think this is related to the threat in that letter?


DREW: Think so. I also had another text, Jamison. Warning me not to tell the police anything about Symbol or someone I know will get hurt…


JAMISON: And you ignored it?


DREW: Yes. I gave the police everything I have. And now Finn’s been in this accident…


JAMISON: Bloomin’ heck. We’re in a bit of a tight spot here.


DREW smirks: Bloomin’ heck? I’d laugh if this wasn’t so serious.


{JAMISON clears his throat}


DREW: Didn’t help either—the police still think my mom being alive is a red herring—that this guy’s messing with me.


JAMISON: I suppose the actual crimes committed—breaking in—are of more interest to the police.


DREW: Yeah, rather than finding a woman in America who is officially—dead.


DREW: Sorry, I gotta go Jamison. For some reason Sienna’s just turned up.


{After JAMISON hangs up, SIENNA launches a big hug on DREW}


DREW: What you doing here?


SIENNA: Finn texted me—he was riding home from my house—we didn’t hook up or anything though. He slept on the sofa. Is he okay?


DREW: Broken leg.


{DREW’s phone pings}


TEXT: Are you listening now? To listen shows respect. Time you learned a little respect. THE END カルマ




Payback is published twice weekly (Sunday & Thursday 6pm EST). 


Is Sienna trouble? Should Drew go to LA? 

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