I'm the author of young adult novels. I write coming of age novels about teens who go above and beyond the norm. They're successful in their talent, but not so much in life.

Publishers Weekly says "Harper’s struggle to sort out priorities, understand the meaning of love, and emerge a winner will be strongly felt." 

Kirkus Reviews raves about The Harper Effect, saying that "Harper is well-characterized, and the secondary characters, including coaches and parents, ring true. Colt and his backstory are compelling, and the revelations are skillfully handled. The match action is pitch-perfect...A layered romance in a unique setting." 

Sixteen-year-old Harper started off as a promising junior on the tennis circuit, but turning professional has been hard, and her coach drops her, calling her mentally weak.


This disappointment is compounded by upheaval at home: Her older sister, Aria, and her boyfriend, Jacob, a young man who has been part of their family since they were children, have split. Her father finds a new coach who pairs her with a rising male tennis star, Colt Quinn, who harbors intriguing secrets.


Meanwhile, Jacob tells Harper that his feelings for her are the real reason he ended the relationship with Aria. Harper’s guilt about betraying her sister is almost too much to bear, but she concentrates on tennis and her growing relationship with Colt, gaining glimpses into his background and drive to succeed.


When Aria recognizes the closeness between Harper and Jacob, the breach between the sisters seems permanent. Details about tennis and the struggles of teens on the cusp of adulthood are nicely balanced. 

Source: Kirkus Reviews

"An exciting peek inside the world of professional tennis, this adorable young adult romance will leave you wanting to hit fireballs at your opponent across the court and snuggling up to your doubles partner after the match!" ―Kristine Asselin, author of Any Way You Slice It


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