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Astrid Bell 
Dutiful daughter. Classical singer. Secret pop songwriter. And suffering from stage fright. 

Jacob Skalicky. 
Trust Fund Kid. Indie singer. Immensely gifted performer. And refusing to sing again. 

Are they polar opposites? In his grief and fury at the world, Jacob certainly thinks so. 

But when Jacob loses everything and Astrid uncovers a shocking family secret, they may need each other to make sense of their lives. 

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Seventeen-year-old Harper was once a rising star on the tennis court until her coach dropped her, leaving her feeling abandoned by the sport she loved. Even worse, she now finds comfort in the arms of her sister's ex boyfriend—a secret that could start a family war.


But when Harper is offered a chance to get back in the game by training with young tennis phenom, eighteen year old Colt, she throws herself back onto the court . . . and into his family’s scary world of steroids and alcoholism.  

As she walks a fine line between Colt’s secrets, her forbidden love, and a game that demands nothing but the best, Harper must choose between her past and her future, two boys who tempt her heart, and whether the cost of winning will actually cost her everything.


The Harper Effect was featured in Pitch Wars 2015 and won Varuna House's Publishing Pathways Competition in association with Pan Macmillan in 2016.  


Reviews of The Harper Effect

I'm the author of young adult novels. I write coming of age novels about teens who go above and beyond the norm. They're successful in their talent, but not so much in life.



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The Astrid Notes is my second published novel and deals with survivor guilt and the fear of having an unforgettable life!


The Harper Effect was the winner of the Varuna House/Pan Macmillan Publisher Introduction Program 2016 and was a finalist in Pitch Wars 2015.


The Astrid Notes is Jacob's story and is set in the world of elite musicians where he meets Astrid Bell

Game Face a novel by Taryn Bashford

Fun Fact:

The Harper Effect was submitted to publishers as

Game Face