May 29, 2016




Beanie’s Café in Malibu, Los Angeles.

SHAE’s phone bings and she mutes it and zips it into her bag.


HARPER: Ignoring your texts? Is it Drew?


SHAE: No. It’s Symbol. Sending more photos of Drew and Sienna. Drew says Sienna’s around for Finn’s sake—keeping him company.


HARPER: But still. Why doesn’t Drew make himself scarce?


SHAE: Finn’s stuck with a broken leg. Drew wouldn’t tell him he can’t have visitors—and Sienna’s taking advantage. Besides, Drew’s at work most days.



May 26, 2016



SETTING: COLT is driving SHAE home from the Bi-Polar Disorder Residential Treatment Centre.


SHAE: I can’t believe this is happening. It’s official. My mom has bi-polar.


HARPER: And she’s in the best place, Shae. This is good, because she’s being looked after properly, now they know what’s really up with her.


SHAE: I guess.


COLT: You’ve done the right thing. Don’t beat yourself up about this.


HARPER: D’you wanna come stay with us?


SHAE: No I’m good. Thanks though. I need some time—to th...

May 22, 2016





SETTING: The White Room in DREW’s home in Sydney. Jamison and DREW are both pacing around the room.


JAMISON: The police say it has to be an insider job. They’ll find him, Mr Vega. Don’t worry. You must show them the latest texts though.


DREW: I guess they can’t trace the sender if the number is blocked, but maybe they can look into where my mom is or—


JAMISON: Your mom has been laid to rest, son. It’s unlikely they’ll launch a man hunt for a person who is no longer on this earth.



May 15, 2016


SETTING: Beanies café in Malibu, Los Angeles. HARPER is trying to cheer up SHAE.


HARPER: Good to see you Shae. How are you holding up, honey?


SHAE lets her hair fall across her face: Guess I’ve been better.


HARPER: So there was no talking Drew around?


SHAE: Nope. It was really horrible. We argued—all night. At least he hasn’t insisted on splitting up very noisily and very publicly though.


HARPER: He insisted on staying in Sydney though. Doesn’t he want to come to LA to find his mom?



May 12, 2016

SETTING: SHAE sits at the bow of DREW’s yacht having just returned from an early morning sail around Sydney Harbor.


DREW: I thought you’d be here.


SHAE scans the horizon: “…”


DREW: I’m sorry I upset you. I thought it was the only solution.


SHAE: But you didn’t ask me. You just decided.


DREW: I’m sorry. Okay to come aboard?


SHAE: She’s your boat.


{DREW hooks SHAE’s hair behind her ear}


SHAE: Is Finn awake?


DREW: Nope. I came to tell you something.


SHAE snorts: More bad news?


DREW: I’m not...

May 8, 2016


SETTING: SHAE and DREW are slumped in The White Room lounge in DREW’s house in Sydney.


SHAE: I need some of what they gave to Finn. I’m never going to sleep. I feel like I’m in some sort of bad horror movie.


DREW: We need to contact the police with that note. First thing in the morning.


SHAE: And we need to tell Finn. His life could be in danger. He’s going to freak out. Basically Uncle Brody was murdered.


DREW: You okay?


SHAE drops her head in her hands: I know I’m not, but none of thi...

May 6, 2016

 SETTING: A hospital in Sydney where SHAE and DREW wait for SHAE’s brother FINN, and for news of Uncle Brody.


SHAE: Thanks for coming with me Drew. I know you have a lot on-and then with this text stalker thing . . .


DREW: Wasn’t going to let you face this alone, was I? To be honest it’s good to get away from LA


SHAE: Did anything else happen?


DREW: You mean apart from the teddy bear delivery from ‘Mom’? I think that was enough


SHAE: Sorry. I didn’t—


DREW: No I’m sorry. I’m just edgy. I...

May 1, 2016


 SETTING: After seeing the text about his mom, DREW charges around Beanies café looking for the culprit. SHAE chases after him


DREW: He heard us ‘planning the future’. He has to be in here somewhere


SHAE: Or she. Whoever it was probably left before sending the text


{DREW bowls through the café door onto a busy pavement}


SHAE: Drew, come back! It could be anyone


DREW: Let me go, Shae


HARPER: Shae? What’s going on? Who’s Drew looking for?


SHAE: Thank god. He got this text from someone, an...

April 28, 2016




Episode One


SET UP: SHAE and DREW are having a coffee in Beanies café, Malibu, California.


ACTION: They’re sitting next to each other at a wooden table rather than in the comfy sofas.




DREW: I should probably have planned this better, but if I think about it too much I won’t do it.


SHAE: Do what? What are you talking about?


DREW: Last time I asked you this, you didn’t give me an answer.


SHAE: Last time you asked me what?


DREW: Then I didn’t see you for weeks and you nearly died...

April 4, 2016


What is a Dialogue Novel?


Just as picture books are evolving (they now include apps or ways of creating them in the digital format), a dialogue novel is a new form of digital novel. 

is a dialogue novel to be published on Twitter, Facebook and this blog; it's being published where teens and 20-somethings hang out, commenting and interacting. 


Purists will clearly have an opinion--a dialogue novel is the equivalent of skipping over description and only reading the dial...

March 29, 2016

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